Mu Online Season 12: Part 2 Now Live

While most of Webzens news flow has been about Mu Legend lately, we can't forget about Mu Online. The game launched its Season 12: Part 2 update this week along with the new Eldorado server. This update adds the following new things to the game:

  • 4th Class Quests
  • 4th Class Skill Enhance Trees
  • Master Skill Tree Renewals
  • A new map named "Deep Dungeon"
  • A new "Guide Quest" system

The new Eldorado server also features some unique new content not found on other servers. On the new server players can utilize a new system to gain a higher tier item by exchanging a Jewel of Soul or Jewel of Bless. These jewels can also be transformed into Archangel weapons.

To celebrate the launch of the new season, Webzen is also running a special Eldorado Box of Miracle ranking event between December 5 and January 2 where players can earn Divine ArcheAngel weapons, wings, and other goodies. There's also a level-up ranking event and a handful of other events going on to encourage players to log into Mu Online.

Mu Online is one of the oldest and longest running free to play MMORPGs. The game launched on October 6th, 2003 in North America and despite its age, remains incredibly popular.