Mu Online Season 13 Part 1 Update Launching August 21

Webzen announced this week that Mu Online Season 13 Part 1 is set to launch on August 21, 2018 and will introduce a new map called 'Swamp of Darkness', new mastery weapons, an increased level cap to 920, and much more. The new Swamp of Darkness map is available to those level 800 or higher and introduces new powerful monsters for players to defeat. As with any big update that includes a new level cap - expect new gear and item drops.

To celebrate the upcoming update, Webzen is hosting events in-game between now and August 21st with new events set to be announced on August 21. Despite Mu Online's age (launched in 2004), the game remains incredibly popular.

(It's an old trailer, but the newest gameplay trailer available for Mu Online)