MU Online Season 14 Update Part 2 Rolls Out February 18

mu online s14 part 2 abyss bannerSeason 14 Part 2 Update of MU Online (yup, the game’s been alive that long) goes live on February 18th bringing with it a host of new features to the nearly two-decade old fantasy MMORPG including a new field called “Atlantis of the Abyss”.

“New Field the Atlantis of the Abyss will be added for players over 1,000 level to enjoy. Atlantis of the Abyss is composed of 3 Levels that are filled with elemental monsters and new elite monsters.”

The update will also add a new 2nd Mastery Accessory called the “Earring of the Ancestor”, the new Rune Mage Mastery 4th weapon and 5th armor, and will increase the level cap to 1,150. In addition, the update will also introduce the new Monster Soul Changer system. “By purchasing the Monster Soul Changer from Ruud Shop, you can fill it up with monster souls when slaying monsters,” explains Webzen. “Fill the Soul Changer with monster souls to a certain amount and you can exchange it for various rewards.”

Pre-register for the update from now until the weekly maintenance on February 18th to receive a free 3-day Demon Pet, a 3-day Scroll of Quickness, and 20 Bless of Light (Greater).

Drop by the MU Online official site to learn more.