Mytheon's Egypt Content Launches As Paid DLC, Price Of Base Game Increased


Mytheon relaunched as a cheap buy-to-play title last month, much to everyone's surprise. At that time, we received a statement from Petroglyph stating that they intended to release a "chunk" of previously-unreleased content based on Egypt in the near future. That content has now released as a $4.99 DLC pack—temporarily discounted to $3.74 during its launch week.

The Egypt DLC adds a fair amount of content considering the price. Those who purchase it will have their level cap raised to 40. A new hub based on Thebes, a new PvP dueling location, and a new PvP scenario are included. An impressive 66 new stones—including three "ultra-rare stones" for each class—and over 300 new items are also included. The first "legendary weapon" can only be obtained in Egypt by players with the necessary Stone Forging skills.

With the release of the Egypt DLC, the price of the base game has been silently raised to $9.99, up from its original $4.99. You can temporarily get both the base game and the DLC together for $8.99. After the launch sale is over, it will cost at least $11.99 to purchase them both. Fortunately, this is all that the game will cost you, as there are still no microtransactions.