Naruto Online Can Now Be Played In English


At long last, we can now play the official Naruto MMORPG, Naruto Online, in English. The browser-based title from Tencent was originally launched exclusively in China, much to the dismay of fans of the incredibly popular multimedia series worldwide. After first launching the game in German and Portuguese, Oasis Games has brought the title to the Western market.

Naruto Online allows players to collect characters from the series and assemble a team of their favorites. In fact, the very first character you obtain is Naruto.

Gameplay is similar to League of Angels 2, featuring a combat system that utilizes auto attacks punctuated by more powerful, manually-activated skills. Unlike League of Angels 2, however, there is a proper overworld.

The full set of features is as follows.

Based entirely on the NARUTO Anime Story Line

NARUTO ONLINE currently features 9 arcs of the Naruto storyline for players to go through and explore, featuring all the familiar locations such as the Village Hidden in the Sand and the Valley of the End—the story will continue only in NARUTO ONLINE.

Relive key scenes from the series with the original voice actors in person

Details such as the original voices of the characters and in-game usage of the series’ scenes will make NARUTO fans instantly familiar with game, entering the world they know from the series

Establish your own Ninja Team

Player can recruit their favorite ninjas and fight together with them. All of the ninjas are modelled after characters from the series so as to seamlessly fit in the game world

Combo Fighting System

Match the ninjas in your team, making use of the Naruto Bonds-system which can greatly enhance your team’s fighting abilities and manifest groundbreaking combos

Gameplay Modes

From Single Player mode to Multi-player dungeons, giant Worldboss battles and battlefields, the game features tons of ways of gaining EXP, obtaining new items and equipment while enhancing your characters and their outfit on the way

Ready to play right away 

No downloads required, users can create an account in under a minute and start playing right away

Oasis Games Business Director Alen Wu had the following to say about the announcement.

There has been a lot of fan demand, so we are extremely honored to publish Naruto Online in the West. This game offers a great – and authentic - experience with every detail included, including voice acting from the original series, so English-speaking fans will soon be able to easily jump into and engage in the world they love. Furthermore, we’ll be able to extend the Naruto offering now that the manga has ended through player involvement and community building which creates a new kind of interactive experience which is exciting for us.

You can play the game now via the official website. As with many browser-based MMORPGs of recent times, both a browser version and a mini-client are available.