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League of Angels

League of Angels is a 2D browser-based fantasy MMORPG with turn-based combat. Players must ban together to defeat monsters, release powerful angels, and save the land from darkness. Armed with a host of features, League of Angels has aspects to appeal to nearly any player.

Publisher: GTArcade
Playerbase: High
Type: Browser MMORPG
Release Date: Dec 13, 2013 (NA)
PvP: Arenas
Pros: +Tons of content. +Crafting system with upgrading. +Good art.
Cons: -Cash shop sells power. -Cluttered interface. -Only 3 classes. -Leveling slows to a CRAWL after 30.



League of Angels Overview

League of Angels is a 2D MMORPG released in 2013. Players control powerful warriors that battle the forces of Suurde, who have sealed away the Angels and spread terror throughout the land. Players choose between three classes: Warrior, Mage, and Archer, with both male and female characters available for all classes.

There is very little difference between the classes other than aesthetics, because the player has no direct control over their characters during combat. There are some minor differences, like when slotting gems (Mages cannot use Physical Attack gems, and vice versa for Warriors and Archers with Magic Attack gems). Players also get their very own guardian angel, which grows stronger as they progress.

League of Angels Key Features:

  • AFK System League of Angels features an in-game bot that literally plays for you. A lot of the game is entirely automated.
  • Lots of Content many ways to make your character stronger (Elemental training, Equipment upgrading, Dragon Souls, and more).
  • Cross-Server PvP In Main Town, interact with players on other servers.
  • Mount Up mounts play a key role in League of Angels. They can be upgraded and give stat boosts to players.

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Full Review

League of Angels Review

By Dimitri Jordan

League of Angels is a 2D MMORPG developed and published by Youzu Interactive that was released on December 10, 2013. It boasts an enormous amount of features, such as team dungeons, arena PvP, gardens, races, a candy crush-esque gem mining game, and more. The game is available to play through web browsers, making it a great choice for those who lack the space for larger game clients.

In addition to playing it in a browser, players can download a “micro client” of less than 1MB, which basically acts as a dedicated window to League of Angels without it getting lost in other browser tabs that may be open.

Starting Up

When first starting, players are led through a prologue tutorial, explaining the basics of the story premise and combat. Suurde has locked away the angels, leaving the realm open to his evil forces. It is up to the player to team up with other powerful warriors to travel the world and free the angels, defeating Suurde.

Players move by clicking the ground, and all navigation in the game world and through menus is done with the mouse, as opposed to other games with dedicated buttons for functions. After finishing the tutorial, players can choose their gender and class, with the three classes being Warriors, Mages, and Archers.

The First Few Levels

The first few levels go by quickly as players are rushed from one quest to the next. These take place in much the same way as games like Elsword or Dungeon Fighter Online. After every level players are flooded with windows introducing new features, but many of these features are poorly explained and have to be figured out through firsthand experience. Much of the game's art is actually quite good and largely features scantily clad woman with enormous boobs. Sex definitely sells in browser-based MMORPGs.

Players will quickly gain levels, each unlocking more of the game, until Level 30, where the leveling rate slows to a crawl. Dungeons that normally would give enough experience for a third of a level now fill the bar roughly 2%, and the experience from even harder dungeons does not increase much more than this. On top of this, each dungeon can only be played 30 times a day. While some players will be content leveling slowly day after day, it seems more like a dishonest ploy to force players into microtransactions, at least from a Western perspective. These kinds of gimmicks are common in browser games in China.


The gameplay in League of Angels is lackluster. Battles are entirely automated and the only amount of strategy is in character equipment and placement. However, due to the variability in battles, regardless of the game’s “battle rating,” players could still be wiped out by enemies or other players with a much lower battle rating. The automated gameplay isn't unique to League of Angels. Several browser-based Chinese MMORPGs have similar systems, like Monkey King Online. Still, the mindless automated grinding means casual players can “play” League of Angels while doing something else.

All of the mini games are first presented as interesting additions to further the game experience, but again they quickly turn into opportunities for the game to push its microtransactions. Spend 150 gems for 10 more moves in Gemology, 50 gems for additional blitzes into dungeons, etc. The mini games become both overwhelming and the only real measure of achievement on a daily basis.


PvP in League of Angels comes in several different forms, though none of them are particularly entertaining. In Arena mode, players have fixed options of who is available to fight. After exhausting their five options, players must either wait a day for them to refresh, or pay a few bucks to refresh them immediately.

In Clash of Might, players fight to be the top ranked player each day. Players start at rank 200, and fight those of higher ranks to ascend the roster. Players only have 10 attempts at climbing through the ranks, after which additional attempts can be bought for 50 gems each.

Again, the battles in League of Angels are very random and lack any strategy. Players with higher battle ratings can lose to those with lower ones, and the only guarantee for success is to vastly outlevel the opponent. But without any actual intervention in the battles, they feel empty and do not elicit any feelings of accomplishment.


Players can tackle both the Arena and dungeons in teams of up to three. In the dungeons, teams can gain roughly the same level of rewards as playing solo, giving little incentive to play them. On top of that, finding parties are time consuming ordeals, especially considering these team dungeons often last less than twenty seconds. Once a party member engages a monster in battle, it is determined immediately, and the battle animations can be skipped entirely. Team arenas play out the same way, though with the caveat that they are only available for two different hour-long periods a day, making them a hassle to get into.

Cash Shop

It is hard to give League of Angels’ Cash Shop its own section, because it is prevalent in every aspect of the game. Each screen has a different button to sell players gems, but the cash shop is where things get especially pricey. Many items are sold for 500-1,000 gems, roughly $5-$10, and one item priced at 6999 gems, or $70. The worst part of the cash shop is that players can buy overkill gear and items that leave the game open to serious pay-to-win scenarios. Those unwilling to spend money should know right away that they're at a clear disadvantage.

Final Verdict Fair

League of Angels is a largely mindless game that plays itself, but it does feature great artwork and has a lot of features which make it fun. The biggest drawback and a shock factor is the game's stolen artwork and music from games such as notable, high-profile games as League of Legends, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft. Like other browser-based MMORPGs from Asia, League of Angels is very much pay-to-win and doesn't even try to hide it. It's still a functionally decent product, but don't expect originality or a Western standard of fairness. Still, hundreds of thousands of players can't be wrong. Despite its obvious flaws, League of Angels can still be quite entertaining.


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System Requirements

League of Angels System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
Video Card: Any Graphics Card (Integrated works well too)
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB (Cache)

League of Angels is a browser based MMORPG and will run smoothly on practically any PC. The game was tested and works well on Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Any modern web-browser should run the game smoothly. The game is available on Facebook as well.


League of Angels Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

League of Angels Additional Information

Developer: Youzu Interactive
Release Date: December 10, 2013 (North America)

Foreign Releases:

China: July, 2013 (Youzu Interactive)

Platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Facebook

Other Publishers:

Game321, GTArcade, R2 Games, Kongregate, AMZGame, Koramgame, and TBGames

Development History / Background:

League of Angels, or just LOA for short, was developed by the large Chinese game developer Youzu Interactive. The company operates numerous free-to-play MMORPGs in China and abroad. League of Angels originally launched in China back in July 2013, but saw enormous success after launching in English on December 10, 2013. The game quickly grew to 300+ servers internationally with servers open in North America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and South America. Youzu received a lot of criticism from Western reviewers, as the game features stolen music and art from other popular games. This practice isn't uncommon in China but is frowned upon in the West. The success of League of Angels in the West led to the development of a mobile version of the game. It's available on both Apple iOS and Android.