Naruto Online Will Be Available In English On July 20th


When the Tencent-developed official Naruto MMORPG Naruto Online was first released in China, I was sure that the title would never make it to the West. Tencent has many titles that have yet to be officially localized, perhaps the most prominent of which are Monster Hunter Online and Moonlight Blade. MMOCulture discovered today, however, that Oasis Games—the same company that handled the German and Portuguese versions of the title—will be launching an English version on July 20th.

For those who have not yet heard of Naruto Online, it is the only officially licensed Naruto MMORPG to exist as of yet. It is a browser-based, turn-based title that allows players to create their own ninja and build a party of characters from the series. Gameplay is reminiscent of many other browser based titles, but it does boast the Naruto license and all of the familiar characters and locales that come along with it.