Nations Clash In CABAL Online Episode XV


CABAL Online's fifteenth episode, Clashing Nations, is now live. It brings with it a new continent called Senillinea, a "revamped" mercenary system, new accessories, and more. The story of the new zone is as follows.

The newfound continent is ripe for exploration, but not without a fight.

Support your nation by standing with Procyon or Capella in a quest to defend your stronghold and ultimately conquer the strange new land of Senillinea.

Join the intense PVP action in a battle to control the fate of a continent. The majestic Senillinean tower stands partially submerged in the middle of it all. Its ancient waterlogged secrets have remained a mystery to the outside world. Secure your foothold in a new land and stake your claim in history as the champion of your people.

Nations will clash. Be ready.

Mercenaries are now leveled with Mercenary Card Pieces. Their stats will increase with each level. Once they reach level 10, Training Stones can be used to promote them.

For more information, check out the Episode XV microsite.