Neowiz Relaunching A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms) On August 25

The classic FPS A.V.A, better known as Alliance of Valiant Arms, is set to relaunch globally on August 25th on Steam with the game's Steam page up right now.

Alliance of Valiant Arms first launched in the West in 2009 and is developed by the South Korean gaming studio Red Duck. The game bounced around between publishers for years since it launch with the game's original publisher ijji shutting down entirely. After that Aeria Games picked up the game and ran it for a few years until EnMasse decided to publish it. EnMasse shut it down in 2016. Since then, AvA's developer announced they would relaunch the game themselves in 2018 and ran a few public alpha tests and not much else, but it looks like AvA is finally coming back through Neowiz!

A.V.A Global - Launch Trailer

AvA Features include:

  • PvE and PvP game modes where players choose one of three available roles: Pointman, Rifleman, or Sniper
  • A unique skill system that allows players to acquire new abilities to enhance each class’s characteristics
  • A variety of game modes spread across thirty maps, including:
    • Annihilation based on death match rules
    • Demolition where two teams face off with one attacking and one defending
    • Escort
    • AI Mission, where players face off against AI soldiers to complete objectives
    • Domination
    • Escape
  • An extensive weapon customization feature allows players to build weapons according to their preferred play style.