Netease's Mobile RPG Onmyoji Launches on Steam

Netease's mobile RPG Onmyoji launched on Steam this week joining its other mobile title Crusaders of Light, which launched on the platform earlier this year. Like Crusaders of Light, Onmyoji is cross-platform between PC and mobile. While it's clear that Onmyoji is a mobile game, having it available on Steam is convenient for those who prefer playing on the PC.

Onmyoji is a free to play turn based RPG inspired by Japanese folklore. It's developed by Netease, China's second largest gaming company, and is extremely popular in Asia. Visually, the game looks quite gorgeous, but gameplay wise expect the same hero-collector style RPG gameplay seen in other mobile titles.

  • Apart from all the other hero collecting mobile games, this one is my personal favorite and from Netease nonetheless.

    • TianlanSha

      Why is that?

      • I couldn't really get into the other hero collecting mobile games, and the ones I did play I didn't stick around for too long. This one stuck out to me, I dunno why but I sat down and played it one day and actually enjoyed it.

        • Ivan Bayum

          For me this one were the last one before i decided to never touch hero collecting stars jerking garbage ever again. I cant understand whats is so enjoyable about this games. I kinda get FateGO because its based on a cool anime and people want to keep their waifus in every possible way but why games with no-name characters? They have no plot, no personality, no gameplay, only illusions.

          • Guessing we didn't have similar experiences, I can understand that. Perhaps I should elaborate more. The hero collecting games I've played before that I had an interest in were Summoner Wars, Fire Emblem Heroes, Digimon Links, and Marvel Strike Force. After playing thru all those, I settled on Onmyoji.

            Summoner Wars endgame was where the real gaming scene was at, heck they have an entire esports scene surrounding it which I knew I couldn't compete with the vast time commitment towards it. I've never played a Fire Emblem game prior to Heroes, even though my friends were diehard fans of the series, I was at a disadvantage cause I didn't know the heroes or the color wheel. Digimon Links was fun for nostalgia reasons, but they had an awkward way of upgrading your monsters to megas. Specific resources for upgrades could only be farmed on specific days, not a big fan of the timegated thing personally. Marvel Strike Force was the same like Digimon Links, but I lost interest instead.

            Where does Onmyoji stand out in all this, and why do I prefer it to all the ones I've played before? For starters its developed by Netease, I'm a fan of their games and they never disappointed me before. Their heroes are ranked by rarity, and theres a chance you could pull the highest rarity on any summon, in fact I took a screenshot of my very first summon being an SSR. Resources for upgrades aren't timegated and farmed fairly easily. Theres an interactive storymode where all the Shikigami and playable characters are introduced in their own way. The game has a huge fanbase with fansites viewable from ingame as well, I liked looking over the comics, art, and cosplays.

            And despite being another pay2win game like all the others before it, I don't really mind. You get currency as you play which you can spend on summoning new heroes, and as previously mentioned they can range from lowest to highest rarity all without never spending real money.

          • Ivan Bayum

            Understandable, have a nice day. I got your point tho.

  • Rex Xillian

    Wasn't this already out on steam a couple weeks ago?

    • Rex Xillian

      Oh and don't get me wrong, this game is pretty decent for an f2p title; It's essentially summoners war with edo japan art style.

      The user comments in the cut-scenes tho..