Neverwinter turns Four years old, adds mounts and events

Could you believe it's been nearly four years to the day already? Neverwinter is soon going to be celebrating its fourth birthday, and Arc Games has detailed a week-long celebration titled the Protector's Jubilee. There will be two events that will be taking place, each offering their own different rewards.

  • Elminster's Messages - Deliver messages for Protector's Figurines.
  • Protector's Speech Skirmish - Random encounters attack the city, dropping items including Neverwinter Renown.

There will be plenty of items to give away during this event, but Arc has given two prominent items center-stage in this week-long event...

Jubilee Unicorn! And the second item is a Shadow Dragon Throne!

AFK in style, as they say. Remember, this event will only run from July 20th until July 27, after that - it's gone forever, so be sure to grab these items while you can!