New Final Fantasy XIV Dev Blog Outlines Changes Coming To PvP With Shadowbringers

final fantasy xiv moogle waveWith the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers launch looming on the horizon and the Early Access start just a few days away, Square Enix is keen on keeping the hype train rolling. A new dev blog gives fans a glimpse at some of the changes coming to PvP with the upcoming expansion.

As part of the updated PvP mechanics for Shadowbringers, the devs will be removing the TP system along with PvP Traits. “Our original intention with the PvP trait system was to allow for unique playstyles, but we found that players tended to select the same traits when playing certain jobs,” explains Neha “Ridrina” Nair of the Community Team. “Instead of focusing on PvP traits as the defining point of playstyle, we reworked each roles' additional actions. This will provide more options for players when selecting actions that complement their playstyle.”

You’re probably wondering how the new Gunbreaker and Dancer jobs will fit into the PvP scene right? Don’t worry, both jobs will be usable in PvP but, like other jobs, will have different actions for PvE and PvP. In addition, the rest of the jobs will also be getting a major PvP action overhaul. “There will be brand-new actions as well as changes to old actions,” says Ridrina. Some jobs may find that their playstyle has changed quite a bit as a result!”