New Mobile MMORPG Areal Features Officially Licensed The King Of Fighters Characters


The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown seem like odd franchises to include characters from in a mobile MMORPG, but that's exactly what Chinese developer Ledo Interactive and Hong Kong publisher Game Dreamer have done with their new mobile MMORPG Areal. The duo, which have worked together before for the Hong Kong release of The Tale of Lost City, released the game on Thursday. It is important to note that these characters are officially licensed, rather than being stolen, as it is alleged that The Tale of Lost City had done with various Tree of Savior assets.

Having played for a few minutes, the art style, isometric view, and turn-based combat system remind me quite a bit of Fantasy Westward Journey. According to 2p, the pet system is "a core gameplay system," with pets featuring stats that determine their rank—S, A, B, or C. Pets also have three predetermined skills that they unlock as they level up. It is noted that they can also learn additional "special skills," as well as equip any skills that match their combat style.

Those interested can download Areal via Qoo App now.