New NCSoft 30 Player Battle Royale Global Beta Begins on PC and Mobile

NCSoft announced today that their global beta test for their 30 player battle royale titled "Battle Crush" begins today and runs until October 30th. Battle Crush is available for both PC (via Steam) and Mobile. The key unique aspect of the game is that it seems to blend MOBA and Battle Royale mechanics as it has a large cast of playable characters.

The game features characters, called Calixers, inspired by mythical figures. The beta of Battle Crush only has 15 characters and 3 game modes, but more are planned for its Spring 2024 release. Upon release it will also be available for Nintendo Switch with cross-play support.

BATTLE CRUSH | Official Gameplay Trailer | 엔씨소프트(NCSOFT)

Battle Crush Key Features:

  • Quick, action-packed strategic brawl battles with simple and easy controls – With a distinctive set of user-friendly controls and strategic combat actions, players can combine five types of skills to enjoy satisfying gameplay where each round only lasts eight minutes at most. Each attack and defense skill varies in distance, timing, and stamina consumption depending on the characters, allowing for strategic gameplay.
  • Unique battlefields and various game modes with up to 30 players – The battlefield narrows gradually over time, forcing players to always stay on the move. Players can choose from various game modes – Battle Royale (Solo or Team), Brawl (Solo or Team), Build-Up – and unique battlefields based on their tastes.
  • Play with Calixers with their own story and unique skillsBATTLE CRUSH offers a diverse range of Calixers, inspired by mythological figures like Hermes, Poseidon, Urus, and Lops. During the Beta Test, it offers 15 Calixers in total, exhibiting their individual charm through their unique skill sets.

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