New Steel Ocean Update Previewed


Yesterday, ChangYou and ICE Entertainment began teasing the next major update for their World of Warships competitor Steel Ocean. The update will be adding the British Carrier and Destroyer branches to the tech tree. A new 5v5 arena mode, larger maps, and a new fleet point system are set to introduce more ways to do battle.

In all, over a dozen ships are being added to the game. The Carrier branch is receiving ships such as the HMS Argus and the HMS Illustrious. The Destroyer branch will see the A, B, Q, R, and Tribal Class vessels added, among others. The full list can be found here with tidbits about the history of each ship included.

A new 5v5 arena mode will take place from 8 PM to 10 PM CST every Thursday and Sunday, further divided by three month seasons. Players will be matched via the Elo-based ranking system. Your level will determine where you are placed, with levels 5 through 7 and 8 through 10 being grouped together. Special versions of the Ocean War, The English Channel, Luzon Island, and Iron Bottom Sound maps are used for this mode. Rewards will be awarded on a per match and per season basis.

Two large maps have been introduced based on two existing maps. The Ocean War L map is 33% larger than the Ocean War map it is based on. The Luzon Island L map is a staggering 125% larger than the Luzon Island map it is based on.

For more information, check out the Steam Community announcement.