Nexon Acquires Korean Developer NGine, Company Behind Ar:piel

Nexon acquired the Korean MMO game studio NGine, the company behind the cutesy anime MMORPG Ar:piel. Nexon was always the game's publisher in South Korea, so the acquisition made sense if the game was performing well and given the acquisition news, I suspect that is the case. According to a post on MMOCulture, it looks like the tools used to make Ar:piel are also quite valuable to Nexon as they can be used to efficiently developed other PC and console games. No financial terms were disclosed, but perhaps Nexon will reveal the numbers in their next earnings report.

The acquisition might also mean that Ar:piel might make its way over to the Western market. The game was already licensed for release in Eastern Europe and Russia and Nexon has long been trying to increase their exposure to the Western market.