Nexon Begins Accepting Titanfall Online Closed Beta Sign-Ups


It seems that Titanfall: Frontline isn't the only Titanfall title that Nexon will be publishing. The company announced today that it has begun accepting Closed Beta sign-ups for Titanfall Online, a presumably free-to-play, online-only, South Korea-exclusive rendition of the original Titanfall. Most of the game's multiplayer gameplay appears to be largely intact and the Attrition, Demolition, Last Titan Standing, and Team Deathmatch modes will all be present.

Closed Beta registration will be open until December 11th, but those that register won't know if they've been accepted until December 13th. The test will begin on December 15th, after which it will be open during specific hours every day until December 21st.

Interestingly, in addition to getting to play the game early, those that are granted access to the Closed Beta will be given a chance to win a limited edition Atlas statue. The winner of said statue will be announced on January 5th.

You can find more information about Titanfall Online on the official website.