Nexon Narrows Down List Of Bidders, Tencent And Kakao Still In The Game

nexon multicolor logoSince South Korean gaming company Nexon went up for sale in January, we’ve been keeping a close eye on who will be submitting bids for 98.64% controlling shares of the $8.9 Billion company. So far, a number of high profile companies have already joined the bidding war including Amazon, Electronic Arts Entertainment, Kakao Corp., Comcast, and the Tencent, NetMarble, and MBK partnership.

According to Reuters, Nexon has narrowed the list of bidders down to five companies: Kakao, Tencent, Bain Capital, MBK Partners, and an unnamed private equity firm. Turns out that Tencent will now be going up against MBK and NetMarble in the preliminary bidding. Reuters estimates that the deal could be worth $13.3 billion. Formal bidding is scheduled to start in April.