Nexon Reports Strong Q4, 2017 Earnings Thanks to DFO and MapleStory

Nexon reported their Q4 2017 and full year 2017 earnings report today. Full year revenues came in at 234.9B Yen ($2.16B USD), up from 183.1B Yen (~$1.7B USD) from 2016. Nexon CEO, Owen Mahoney, attributed the record annual revenue to the ongoing success of Dungeon Fighter Online and MapleStory, both of which recorded double-digit percentage growth in revenue year over year. As with prior quarters, most of Nexon's revenue comes from 2 regions: South Korea and China.

Interestingly, only 28% of Nexon's Q4 2017 revenue came from Mobile vs 72% for PC. Nexon is still very much a PC MMO developer for the time being. Expect the mobile % to grow though as Nexon has quite a pipeline of mobile games in the works such as Durango: Wild Lands, OverHit, Mabinogi Mobile, MapleStory M, Elsword M, Final Fantasy XI Mobile, and more. Take a look at Nexon's full Pipeline below:

Mabinogi Mobile is set to launch in South Korea sometime in 2018 according to Nexon's own estimates. Moonlight Blade, the Chinese MMORPG from Netease, begins open beta in South Korea later this month. No word on when it comes to the West though.

Nexon also released a slide showing their key titles by Region:

The only relevant PC title from Nexon in North America and Europe is MapleStory. DomiNations and Choices: Stories You Play are mobile titles. There was no mention of Lawbreakers in Nexon's most recently quarterly investor slide deck, but I suspect it'll be mentioned in their Q&A session which should happen later today (I'll put a post up if there's anything interesting in it).

It's also worth noting that Nexon's stock price is up over 10% since posting this earnings report. Investors are cheering the company's continued strong financial results. The stock is up nearly 100% over the last year. The company is now worth $13.7B USD, making it one the biggest video game companies in the world.