Nexon's Looter Shooter 'The First Descendant' Launching Globally on July 2 (Midnight PST)

the first descendant co-op RPG shooter main character screenshot

Nexon's free to play looter shooter 'The First Descendant' is launching globally tomorrow on July 2 at midnight PST. The game is available on PC through Steam as well as PlayStation and Xbox. The game supports cross-progression and cross-play across all platforoms.

Time will tell if the The First Descendant will succeed or not, but given tough competition from established heavyweights like Destiny 2 and Warframe, I suspect The First Descendant will struggle. Destiny 2 is largely buy to play which will give The First Descendant an edge with some players, but Warframe is free to play and has over a decade worth of content. On the positive though, The First Descendant is built on Unreal Engine 5, so it should look and feel great.

The First Descendant│Official Launch Date Reveal│Summer Game Fest 2024

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