NFT Group Petitions Valve To Allow Blockchain Games Back On Steam

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A group of NFT advocacy groups and developers, including Enjin and a digital rights-oriented non-profit organization called Fight for the Future, is appealing to Valve to allow blockchain and NFT games back on Steam following the company’s decision to remove the said games from the platform earlier this month.

“Valve is recognized for their willingness to experiment and innovate, not only with their games, but with the Steam platform itself,” the group wrote in an open letter to Valve. “Considered as pioneers for changing how gamers sell and trade digital game items over a decade ago, Valve likely understands the impact that a more concrete medium would facilitate. In the spirit of that pioneering vision, we ask that you take a chance on this rapidly growing technology: remember your roots, let the industry prove itself as a positive contributor to the overall gaming ecosystem, and reverse your decision to prohibit an entire category of software from the Steam platform.”

Many of these games come with a promise of exclusivity, “play-to-earn,” or some type of money-making scheme that rewards players with crypto coins for their efforts, currencies which are now controversial due to the vast amounts of computing power they need to function and the detrimental effects of using that much energy on the environment.

The group continued to enumerate the benefits of NFT Tokens and their possible uses for both users and developers alike. “Tokens, in particular, open up vast possibilities for users to interact, collaborate, and create tangible digital worlds and items that were previously impossible,” they explained.

“These enhancements make games more ​​decentralized, democratic, interactive, player focused systems. They also present an opportunity to streamline and modernize intellectual property rights in ways that would greatly benefit both independent creators and established corporations. These innovations would bring with them enhancements to music distribution, book publishing, collectables, and more.”

Valve has yet to respond to the open letter. Surprisingly, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney announced that they will allow blockchain games on the Epic Games Store provided that they “follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are age-rated by an appropriate group. Sweeney made the announcement shortly after Valve removed blockchain games from their storefront.


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