Oberon Patch Part 2 Is Now Live On The Albion Online Test Server

albion online oberon cavernSandbox Interactive has just rolled out the second installment of the Oberon patch on the Albion Online test server as the game moves closer to its free-to-play launch on April 10th. The patch introduces Outland portals to each of the Royal Cities: Bridgewatch, Fort Sterling, Lymehurst, Martlock, and Thetford.

The update also brings with it changes to how players respawn and the ability to move guild islands for a set time. The Adventurer’s Challenge System has also been revamped. Players will now be rewarded with a Tome of Insight as part of their Daily Bonuses. In addition, free players who complete the daily challenges when the game goes free-to-play will also get to earn 10 learning points. Weekly and monthly bonus rewards, however, will be limited to premium players.

Meanwhile, Season 6 of the Guild vs Guild season will go live on April 20th on the live servers. Season 6 will run until July 13th with mid-season resets scheduled on May 18th and June 15th. You can check out the details on the Albion Online official forums along with the full test server patch notes.