OrbusVR Completes Closed Beta Testing, Moves to Early Access

You may have heard about Ad Alternum's VR MMORPG, OrbusVR, at some point. The game promises to be an unprecedented VR experience, but whether it is unprecedentedly good, or bad, remains to be seen. For now, OrbusVR has officially rounded out Closed Beta Testing, and is planning to move into Early Access on December 15th, and will be available on Steam and the Oculus stores for $39.99.

“We’ve been incredibly humbled and appreciative of all the support that the community has provided for us as we’ve worked to make this game a reality. Our team has expanded to include 10 talented contributors and we’ve been working incredibly hard to improve the game and get it ready for a wider audience." - Riley Dutton, Ad Alternum Game Studios Founder, OrbusVR Director

1,200 players have pre-purchased OrbusVR and participated in the CBT, and during the Closed Beta Testing, more than 14,000 collective hours were put into the testing period. Monthly tests lasted for a few days, and devs attentively listened to player feedback.

OrbusVR focuses on a buy once, play forever game model, which is different than most MMORPGs. World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV both have "buy and subscribe" payment models. Other Eastern MMORPGs have "pay-to-win" and "freemium" elements in them. Guild Wars 2 immediately comes to mind with its similar payment model.

You can check the trailer out for OrbusVR down below.