VR MMORPG OrbusVR Announces Free Trial (Capped at level 10)

OrbusVR, one of the first and only VR MMORPGs, announced today that they launched a free trial which allows access to the game up until level 10. The demo version offers the complete OrbusVR experience with some minor restrictions (Level 10 cap, no auction house, no player trading).

OrbusVR: Reborn features more than 100+ hours of content, including a variety of ways to explore the overworld and earn XP. In addition to dungeons, raids and side quests, new in-game activities include dragon racing, critter capture, PVP battlegrounds, and public events designed to bring players together throughout the world for a collective objective. With the new Demo, interested players will have the ability to try out a wider variety of this content without committing to a full purchase.

Check the game out in the Steam Store.