Orcs Must Die! Unchained Beta Brings In Zoey, The Chaotic Apprentice

Gameforge and Robot Entertainment announced today that Orcs Must Die!'s chaotic apprentice, Zoey, would be making a comeback in Unchained. As an apprentice, she doesn't always cast spells the way she means to. Due to casting incorrectly at times, her basic attacks are given a random magical damage type at the beginning of each match. You may have wanted to have fireballs but you were given ice instead.

Using Zoey's Chaos Blast ability will switch the magical damage type that her basic attacks are currently set to. Being chaotic, it does switch randomly. This switch will then temporarily buff her attacks.

Additionally, in this patch, player communication was simplified. You can now hold down the C key, hover over a message in the radial menu using the mouse, and let go of the C key to send a message. The Cliffside Clash map will be coming to the PvE mode, as well, and will be set to the new default map. A new "Hero Roulette" mode will force you to choose a hero to fight against as a Wave Boss from several randomly selected heroes.

For more information, check out the patch notes. You can see Zoey in action in the trailer below.