Paladins Explores The Endless Abyss With New Champion, Seris

Paladins patch OB48, dubbed "Souls and Shadows," has gone live and introduces new champion Seris, the Oracle of the Abyss. While the wielder of dark magic tears out the souls of her enemies, Seris also heal her allies, and she can enter the shadow realm to quickly evade damage or aid friends in trouble. Also, her ultimate creates a magnetic point, dragging nearby enemies towards its center like a black hole.

What would a patch be if it was just a hero? Well, it would be a patch, but not this Paladins patch. OB48 introduces new skins: purchasable kitty cat skin for Maeve, a diplomatic Chancellor skin for Ma'Damba, and a gilded Biz-King skin for Bomb King. Got to be stylish while securing the objective.

There are also 10 new card art sprays to tag up the battlefield—unlocked with gold cards. Each one has its own artsy flare.

You can watch the video below for the visual overview of OB48, or scour the full patch notes on the Paladin's website.