Past Fate Has Been Revamped With A New Open Faction And Class System

past fate open world mmorpg sword combat

Icy North Games has rolled out big gameplay changes in Past Fate with the open world MMORPG’s latest update. The update features a complete revamp of the faction and class systems, both of which have been fully-rebuilt to allow more flexibility in how the game is played.

Players now start as a mercenary and will be able to increase their reputation with either the Valfalk and Morsath by completing tasks for each of the factions. Completing tasks for one faction will lower the reputation with the other, although it’s possible to remain neutral by completing tasks for both factions.

The class system has also been reworked to be weapon based which allows for more flexible builds. Your class, along with your skills and abilities, is now determined by the weapons you have equipped. To play as a tank, for example, you’d have to equip a shield and heavy armor with strong defensive stat points. Each weapon will also come its own special ability and weapon art which gives you plenty of options to tailor-fit your character to your playstyle.

Meanwhile, open alpha testing is expected to start today on Steam as soon as Valve approves the latest build. Those interested in taking the game for a spin can request access to the open alpha test on the Past Fate Steam page. You can also check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay in the entirely commentary-free preview video below.

Past Fate - First 15-Minutes of Gameplay