Watch The First 15 Minutes Of Past Fate’s New Player Experience

past fate medieval fantasy mmorpg new player gameplay screenshot

With the Past Fate open alpha test looming on the horizon, Icy North Games is looking to show the community what they can expect upon stepping foot in the medieval fantasy world of the upcoming MMORPG in a brand new trailer. The trailer shows off the first 15 minutes of gameplay exactly as a new player would experience it with no commentary or any unnecessary fluff.

In 15 minutes, viewers will get a glimpse of various core gameplay mechanics, including accepting quests, gathering items, fighting undead mobs, equipping and changing gear, and more. They’ll also get an overall feel for the game’s ambient sounds, background music, voice acting, visual effects, and all those minute details that make or break a game, like the character drawing his sword à la Geralt of Rivia even though its clearly worn on his hip.

You can see that for yourself in the new trailer right down below. If Past Fate suits your discerning tastes, you can personally test the waters when the week-long open alpha test starts on August 15th.

Past Fate - First 15-Minutes of Gameplay