PlanetSide Arena Shutting Down 4 Months After Launch in January

PlanetSide Arena announced last week that it'll be shutting down in January. The game only launched in September, so it'll only have been open for 4 months making it one of the quickest failures in years. PlanetSide Arena is a spinoff of PlanetSide 2, and is a lobby shooter similar to Combat Arms and BlackSquad. The developers simply took PlanetSide 2 and carved it up into various bite sized game modes focused on action instead of the large scale open world PvP that the PlanetSide is best known for.

PlanetSide Arena's game servers are set to shut down for good on January 10, 2020. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as the game's playerbase has been tiny at launch and dwindeling since according to Steamcharts. The game has only averaged 8.7 players online at any given time over the last 30 days, so the writing was on the wall with this one. Fans of the game can still play PlanetSide 2, which features familiar characters and weapons.