Play to Earn Crypto MMORPG Mir 4 Averaging 80,000+ Concurrent Players on Steam

While we haven't talked about Mir 4 much, the play to earn crypto MMO has exploded in popularity averaging 80,000 concurrent players on Steam alone over the last 30 days. The game is currently sitting at the #5 spot at the time this article goes live, which is impressive for a relatively unknown title.

The core gameplay in Mir 4 is nothing impressive. It looks and feels like a generic auto-play mobile MMORPG, but the allure of Mir 4 isn't its gameplay. Players, many from developing countries, are flocking to the game to try and earn DRACO, a cryptocurrency which players can earn by grinding in the game. Each Draco is (as of Dec 13, 2021) worth $0.3885. Dark Steel, a valuable in game resource, can be converted to DRACO at a fluctuating exchange rate. DRACO can also be converted back to Darksteel, which underpins the value of DRACO, as the cryptocurrency is 'backed' by the utility of Darksteel in the game.

Confused? The game's official website has this explainer video:

[MIR4] Introducing DRACO

The crypto fun doesn't stop here. Mir 4 also has a robust NFT system which is actually pretty neat. Upon reaching level 60, players can convert their characters into an NFT which can be sold on the game's NFT Marketplace. Anyone who buys an NFT of a character can 'redeem' it to gain control of that character. This is essentially a character buying/selling system integrated into the game.

While I find the crypto and NFT concepts in Mir 4 interesting, the core gameplay is extremely lackluster. Mir 4 is a mobile game with a Steam version, but the gameplay looks and feels like any other generic auto-play MMORPG. It has lackluster graphics, generic artstyle, and uninspiring gameplay. Absolutely nothing special. Given the game's obvious flaws, it's amazing how much the crypto aspect of Mir 4 has carried it. 80,000 average concurrent players on Steam is extremely impressive. Most remarkable though is this figure is actually growing; the game's playerbase has increased every month since it launched in August, 2021.

Source: Steamcharts

I played about an hour of Mir 4 before quitting, the gameplay is definitely not the draw here. Have you tried Mir 4 yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments section!

If you're curious about what Mir 4 actually looks like, check out the gameplay trailer below:

[MIR4] Class Combat/Introduction Video

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