PUBG Mobile Gets Another Zombie-Themed Mode With The Latest Update

pubg mobile darkest nightPUBG Mobile goes back to its DayZ zombie roots with the new Darkest Night game mode. The new cooperative game mode deviates from the usual battle royale formula and is part of Update 0.12.0 which is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

“Darkest Night is an all-new game type where players must spend one night fending off waves of zombie enemies and fight to stay alive. Rather than parachuting in, players are placed randomly on the map to face zombie hordes during each of the three foggy nights. There is no single chicken dinner to earn this time and players may form an alliance to help each other to survive when necessary, unless the alliance decides turns on each other.”

The update also improves the Survive Till Dawn game mode. The Resident Evil 2 crossover mode has been revamped with new weapons such as the stun grenade and RPG-7, new jumping zombies, and zombie dogs. Zombies can also now climb onto roofs and over low walls.

In addition, a spectator mode has also been added into the game along with the ability to modify crosshairs and a new Popularity System.

Update 0.12.0 arrives hot on the heels of Tencent Games and PUBG Corp’s announcement of the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 tournament. The $2.5 million esports tournament is officially sponsored by smartphone company Vivo who will be giving away smartphones to both players and fans during the tournament. The Spring Split Global Finals is scheduled to take place in July and will be held in Germany.

Check out the new RPG-7 in action in the gameplay video after the break. You can also run through the full patch notes on the PUBG Mobile official site.