Rambo Joins Rogue Company Along With 6-Player Squads And New Anti-AFK Backfill Feature

rogue company tactical third-person shooter john rambo crossover event banner

John Rambo goes rogue as the iconic Hollywood character joins the merry band of mercenaries in Rogue Company as part of the Rambo King Cobra update.

“Even for the elite members of the best private military organization worldwide, Rambo has always been a role model of courage, perseverance, and ruthless talent. Now they get to fight by his side and they can’t wait to dive into the action.”

Rambo is now available as a Legendary character outfit for Seeker and is available for purchase in the cash shop as part of the Rambo King Cobra Bundle. The bundle also permanently unlocks Seeker as a playable rogue and comes with a jungle-themed weapon skin inspired by the 2008 Rambo film.

Players also have the chance to obtain a Jungle Cobra wingsuit, an exclusive title, Epic and Legendary rewards, and more by completing Rambo-themed contracts during the cross-over event.

The latest update also introduces new 6v6 game modes and the Human Backfill feature which will allow new players to join a game in progress when one or more of the original players leaves in the middle of the game.

“Players who join such matches will be reward the maximum amount of reputation and experience that could be achieved in the full match, ensuring that your time is rewarded. With this feature, we hope to address uneven matches that tend to happen for our players.”

Details can be found on the Rogue Company official site. Don’t forget to check out the explosive event trailer below.

Rogue Company - Cinematic Teaser | Rambo King Cobra