Record of Lodoss War Online Announces Huge December Update

Record of Lodoss War Online has sent out a press release, announcing massive additions to the game. A new "Mercenary System" is put into place, as well as 40-man raids, a level cap increase, and is promising an overall improved game experience.

To start things off, the new level cap is 120, with a grow ability level of 1500. Additionally, the Mercenary system will allow players to hire up to two characters from the game, and the original novel, to fight alongside them.

Additionally, coming December 28th, the 40-man raid system will add four new dungeons, with normal difficulty modes, and two new dungeons with a hard difficulty. Additionally, fields, dungeons, and labyrinths are all improved. There are more fields, and a new labyrinth. Known as the Labyrinth of Disillusionment, thanks to the new level cap, it now has four areas - designed for players 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, and 91-100. You can find more information about Record of Lodoss War Online here.

Remember, this update comes on December 28th - just before the New Year!