Record of Lodoss War Online Adds Second Job Advancements

L&K Logic released their latest update for Record of Lodoss War Online last week which added second job advancements. Upon reaching level 80 players can unlock their second job advancement. The new job advancements are as follows:

  • Scouts -> Perfect Strider
  • Thief -> Master Assassin
  • Elementalist -> Elder Druid
  • Ranger -> Spiritual Sniper
  • Mercenary -> Eternal Champion
  • Avenger -> Frenzied Berserker

In addition to the new job advancements, the game also added 10 additional floors to the Labyrinth of Trial.

Record of Lodoss War Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG based on the classic Japanese RPG series Record of Lodoss War. Despite releasing in 2017, the visuals are very retro inspired with a top down isometric camera.

Learn more about the new job advancements here.