Rend Sends Out A Surprise Wave Of Pre-Alpha Invites

rend night floating islandsIn a surprise move earlier this week, Frostkeep Studios sent out their initial wave of pre-alpha invites for their survival sandbox game, Rend. The studio hopes to get more players into the game to help get it into Early Access. If you haven’t signed up for the pre-alpha you can still do so here. Also, keep an eye out for random invites given away on Reddit and Discord.

Frostkeep developer Jordan Leithart also released a dev blog that talks about Rend’s skill and perk system. He writes:

“Today, I’d like to chat about the skills system that we implemented to give another progression and customization avenue. Fans of RPGs will find familiarity with our skills system. The general idea is that the more time you successfully spend doing something, the better you become at it (insert Rocky training montage here). A player who only uses the bow to shoot with should be better than the player who picks up the bow for the first time.”

Stay tuned for more Rend related news. In the meantime, you can watch the official announcement trailer after the break. You can also hop, skip, and jump over to the the game’s official site for more info.