The Repopulation's First Major Patch Since Relaunch "Won't Be Any Time Really Soon"

The Repopulation is back and development has resumed, but not all is well in the game's sci-fi world. The game's return has brought with it several major issues, including "zoning/transition issues," that have set the first major patch since relaunch back quite a bit.

The announcement explains the issues as follows.

There is a bit of bad news: The first major patch (16.0.0) wont be any time really soon. We have been digging in to the zoning/transition issues, which have provided an insight to many other issues, this includes but is not limited to a lot of information that is being replicated which doesn't need to be, and some major issues with server drops, memory leaks and performance are being extrapolated by this.

What this means for us is... We have to go over all replicated information, sort out what should be server side and client side, then apply all of the fixes without borking up other interconnected systems at the same time. As example of this is when players go over zone lines: ALL of your Account information is replicated from one area to the next, this includes for example, your inventory. So the more information on your character, the longer it will take to transition. This is not a straight forward and easy changing a 1 to a 0.

Another related major issue with this, is that information shouldn't be going from area to area in the first place, it should be using a proxy system so it stays in one place and relays the information, which is another big amount of information to fix on the systems side, and also needs to be done at the same time when fixing the systems.

It is also noted that the patch "will not fix absolutely everything," but that "overall performance should be improved."

There is not yet a timeline for when the patch will be released. The team notes that it will need to fix a number of underlying issues at their source, "which in some cases means some pretty deep coding."

You can find the full announcement here.