Riding Out Gallops Out Onto Early Access On May 25th


Following a successful stint on Greenlight, horse-focused MMORPG Riding Out's Steam store page has been set up and the game is ready to be released as an Early Access title on May 25th. The game originally entered a paid Beta phase on December 24, 2015, but the title wasn't put on Greenlight until February.

Riding Out is described as follows.

Explore the beautiful open world on the back of your horse, together with your friends.
Experience exciting quests, build your own stable and create you own jumping courses, dressage competitions and race tracks.
Collect herbs and set out your garden to prepare your own food mix.
Choose for each of your horses the perfect training, based on its individual personality.
Mate your own horses or with the horses of the other players to breed your unique and perfect horse.

Currently still in Beta, Riding Out is expected to be an Early Access title for another year. Plans for Early Access are vague, stating that the current version includes "base features" while the finished version will include all planned features, whatever they may be. The price has yet to be announced, but the paid Beta costs €14.99, so I would expect the price to be around there. As with many titles, the price will be increasing after Early Access.