Ring of Elysium Season 2 Begins Today With New Europa Island Map

Ring of Elysium, the latest big budget Battle Royale game from Tencent, launched Season 2 today along with a new island map titled Europa. This is actually a massive update as the new map features an active volcano, new weapons, transportation, and equipment. The update also adds 3 new playable characters to spice things up.

New Map Europa Island Features:

  • New Gear including BMX bikes, hang glider, and grappling hooks
  • New weapons: MG4, and PKM
  • Iconic locations to visit including Ocean Park, Angel church, Seafood market, The Observatory, Ancient castle ruins, and Undersea world.
  • Realistic dynamic weather: sunny, cloudy, heavy rain, thunderstorms, thick fog, high-speed winds, and intense typhoons.

Ring of Elysium currently averages 23,700 players online at any given time according to Steamcharts, making it one of the more popular Battle Royale titles outside of Playerunknowns Battlegrounds and Fortnite.