Risk Your Life, a 2004 MMORPG, Relaunches as Return of Warrior

Risk Your Life, a South Korean MMORPG originally released in English in 2004, officially relaunched as Return of Warrior on January 10th, 2019. The game bills itself as a 'legendary traditional 3D MMORPG' with 'non-targeting' combat, which although isn't quite action oriented like Tera or Blade and Soul, it still feels a bit more actiony than most older point and click MMORPGs.

While I can't imagine this new official version of the game bustling with players, Risk your Life was quite successful when it launched in 2004, reaching over 125,000 registered players in North America a few months after launch with over 1.25m players worldwide (as of 2005). The game features over 16 classes and like many older MMORPGs, has a strong emphasis on PvP.

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