Rohan: Blood Feud's Behold the Abyss Expansion Launching December 18

Rohan: Blood Feud, or simply Rohan Online, is launching its 'Behond the Abyss' expansion on December 18. While the game is over 10 years old now (released May, 2008), it still gets regularly updated by its developer and published Playwith Interactive. This latest update introduces the following new content to the game:

  • 3 new zones
  • New Abyss weapons and armor
  • 3 world bosses
  • 30 new monsters
  • Special winter events that run until the end of December

Just to get an idea of how old this game is, check out their official trailer from 2010 (They haven't released a new trailer since):

Despite its age though, it's neat to see Playwith Interactive continually update the game. It bills itself as an old school hardcore MMORPG, so those looking for a PvP heavy older MMO may want to consider checking this one out.