RuneScape Turns 18 Years Old with Highest Ever Paid Members

Despite its growing age, RuneScape is doing better than ever. Its recent launch of Old School RuneScape on mobile gave the game a hefty boost pushing the total subscriber count to over 1 million. The game's mobile launch has been a huge success as it reached over 5 million installs since launch and pushed the franchise to its highest ever monthly active user figure.

"2018 was a fantastic year for our RuneScape games, which have truly come of age. The franchise has been growing consistently for five years, and we’ve seen a surge of further community growth with the move to mobile. Old School RuneScape’s successful mobile launch was made possible by our incredible team who’ve been able to make this classic game play smoothly in a mobile form-factor, and which allows players to enjoy the convenience of completely interoperable PC to mobile cross-play. This achievement showcases our living games philosophy; bringing deeply engaging community experiences to players wherever they are."

-Phil Mansell, CEO, Jagex
RuneScape's continuing success shows that older MMORPGs that still have a lot of life ahead of them. Games like Runescape, World of Warcraft, and EverQuest are all over 14 years old yet remain popular. RuneScape in particular is at the peak of its popularity and success despite celebrating its 18th anniversary this last week.

Interesting Runescape Figures:

  • More than 5million installs of Old School RuneScape on iOS and Android since launch
  • The RuneScape franchise achieved the highest ever paid membership total in its history over the Christmas period, surpassing previous record set in 2008
  • Cumulative lifetime revenue for the RuneScape franchise passed $1billion
  • Monthly active users more than doubled over the year with big gains in the last quarter
  • Highest ever attendance for annual player convention RuneFest
  • More than 100 new hires were added to the Jagex team