RuneScape's Menaphos Expansion To Introduce New Slayer Dungeon, Increase Level Cap

The June 5th release date of RuneScape's Menaphos expansion is fast approaching, but Jagex is still slowly unveiling new content that will be included in the expansion. Following last week's reveal of The Shifting Tombs, Jagex announced today that there will be a Slayer dungeon under "Menaphos' plague-wrecked twin city of Sophanem." Players will delve into the catacombs beneath the city and "fight back against the corruption that eats away at the town." The loot that is dropped during this dungeon will automatically be sent to "a brand-new loot chest [...], allowing players to focus on combat."

In addition to the new dungeon, the Slayer skill's level cap will be increased to 120 with the launch of Menaphos, 21 levels above RuneScape's standard skill level cap of 99. It is also noted that the Slayer skill is "one of the most popular of RuneScape's 27 skills."

You can find more information about the new Slayer content in the video embedded below.