Rust Updates And Fixes Hipfire Exploit

Brutal Survival Sandbox Simulator, Rust, has recently patched the game as described in Devblog 70. The new patch features a fix for the Windows Magnifier hipfire exploit, which allowed rifle users to snipe people without iron-sighting from extreme distances. In addition they've added several new clothing for your post-apocalyptic fashionistas out there.

On a more practical note, the game has updated with brand new structures-- Most notably the Tier 2 furnace which sports 18 slots for your mass production needs. They've also added a new resource, Crude Oil, which can be pumped and placed into a refinery to make low-grade fuel.

For combat enthusiasts, the Rust team has added visible benefit stats for all pieces of armor and clothing. For gun users, the cost of high end firearms has increased with the introduction of High Quality Metal which is a rare drop from quarry/rock sources. The intent of this was to shift the balance of power to lower the intense choke hold that higher tech players have, shifting the combat to more melee-centric. To do this, they've added all new melee weapons to the game-- The Longsword, The Mace and The Salvaged Cleaver which all do devastating amounts of melee damage. Along with this change, spears have been nerfed with a decrease in range and hitbox, making spears much more challenging to use. Bow users also have something in store for them this patch, with the introduction of the Crossbow which sports deadly accuracy, especially when used in conjunction with high-velocity arrows.

You can check out the full update notes here!