Rust Updates With Female Model

Sandbox Survival MMO, Rust, has (sort of) updated with new female models. Unfortunately, only server administrators will have access to the female model for the time being. As highlighted in Devblog 69 (ironically), the new female model will be randomly assigned in the same way race and penis size are. In case this upsets players, the devs have reassured people that "We're not taking the choice away from you. You never had a choice."2015-07-16_00035

The new update also features bone armor, which is very strong against melee attacks, and wood armor which is great against explosions. The blog post also talks about damage types, which can lead us to believe that things such as blunt, slashing and piercing damage are going to be much more pronounced as the game continues in development.

You can check out the full developer's blog here.