SAGA Finally Headed To Steam On August 4th

Having been greenlit in May, the largely-forgotten, revolutionary MMORTS that was SAGA is finally headed to Steam. The card-based RTS will be hitting Steam on August 4th. The Steam release is occurring shortly after a major patch that made more troops available for in-game gold, lessening the need for players to pay to be competitive. The full patch notes can be viewed on the game's homepage.


For those that don't know SAGA, it is a persistent MMORTS that uses cards to represent troops. You build an instanced, persistent city that continues to work while you are offline and go on either quests, which are the game's PvE content that can be played alone or co-operatively, or take part in PvP battlessaid to be completely optional, albeit with great rewardsboth of which are instanced. As you battle, your units will grow, level up, and collect loot that they can be customized with.