SamuTale announces New World, lets Bronze Founders partake in Alpha

SamuTale has recently put out an announcement, updating their players on what the Dev Team has been up to, since launching their new world. In fact, SamuTale estimates that their world is roughly ten times larger than the size of their previous world.

The world isn't just bigger, it's also fresher. The growth cycles of plants has been redesigned, along with buildings and ground textures. New trees, plants, grass - props and more detailed objects, with SamuTale says "will surely compliment the new scale and look of the world."

Most importantly, amidst all these changes and graphical touch-ups, is the decision to let Bronze Founders into the alpha game. A larger world would feel empty without more players, wouldn't it? To celebrate the new world, and Bronze Founders being let into the alpha, SamuTale is hosting a sale with a 20% discount on all founder packs! Players interested in SamuTale, which describes itself as a "Sandbox Survival MMORPG," would definitely want to take advantage of this sale. You can catch the Pre-alpha New World trailer for SamuTale down below.