Sandbox MMOARPG Fractured Starts Alpha Testing Next Week

fractured black knight artDynamight Studios and their sandbox MMOARPG Fractured are gearing up for their first ever public testing phase next week. Alpha 1 – Test 1 starts on Wednesday, April 10th at 10am EDT and will run for about a week. “While we apologize for being a little behind schedule,” says the team, “we believe it’s still a good time frame for an MMO project – particularly one developed by an 8-people team!”

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to take the game out on its maiden voyage. The first phase of Alpha testing will exclusively be open to players who purchased Knight and Immortal Pledge Packs. You can still grab a Pledge Pack if you’re interested. The Immortal Pack comes with a rather hefty $337 price tag, while the Knight Pack will set you back $169. Don’t worry, you can still get into future test phases with one of the cheaper pledge packs.

If you do decide to purchase a Knight or Immortal pack, keep in mind that the game is still missing a lot of its core features including the Knowledge System for learning skills, Towns, Governors and Politics, a party system, guilds, trading, monster loots, and monster abilities. The good news is, there’s no NDA, so players can stream, give feedback, and criticize the game all they want.

“The scope of A1-T1 (and of Alpha 1 in general) is to allow you to evaluate the foundation of the game,” says Dynamight. “Plenty of bugs and missing features are to be expected. We can’t wait to receive all the feedback from the lucky ones with access to Alpha 1 who have the chance to help us shape the future of Fractured!”

Head over to the Fractured official site to learn more.