Orochi Tower Now Open In The Latest Secret World Legends Update

secret world legends orochi towerSecret World Legends opens the doors of the ominous Orochi Tower and the final chapter of the Tokyo storyline in its latest update.

“The colossal Orochi Tower features hours of new story and gameplay content across over 20 sections exploring all 8 Orochi subsidiaries. Fight to the top and uncover dark secrets behind the Orochi Corporation’s experiments. Come face-to-face with revelations and confrontations…and the ultimate reward!”

The update also introduces a new lair called Kantoku Temple to the north of Ginpachi Park where players will come face to face with creatures straight from the pages of Japanese folklore. A new cache will also be making its way into the game. The Haunted Cache will give players the chance to acquire a Black Widow pet, the Arachnoid Cycle, and the Araneae’s Recluse outfit.

Watch the official update trailer below or head over to the Secret World Legends official site for the full patch notes.