Something New Is Coming At This Year’s Final Fantasy XIV Valentione’s Day Event

final fantasy xiv valentiones day 2020 bannerFebruary is right around the corner and Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up to celebrate the month of love with the return of the annual Valentione’s Day event on January 29th. During the event, Lisette de Valentione and her companions will be spreading ardor and affection throughout the land helped along with festive decorations that should put everyone in an amorous mood.

Aside from the usual fanfare, this year will also feature a special event where players will be asked to vote on which one of Lisette’s three associates will get to serve as the Emissary of Love for Eorzea.

“Lisette's three protégés are competing to see which of them most deserves to assume the role of emissary of love for this year's festival. To that end, a vote will be held to decide who among them can offer the most inspired and insightful advice to Eorzea's lovelorn.”

Voting for either Astrid, Rorigault, or Bert will reward players with seasonal gear sets colored to match their chosen emissary. Don’t worry, they’re dyeable so you can pretend that you’re rooting for the other team. The winning emissary for each world will determine the additional event quests and rewards that will be available during the Valentione’s Day event.

Head over to the Final Fantasy XIV Valentione's Day page for more info.