Soulworker Adds New Playable Character and New Citadel Raid

The free to play anime action MMORPG Soulworker introduced its 5th playable character today Jin Seipatsu, which is a fist weapon user.

Jin belongs to the Fistfighter class among the SoulWorkers — a group of warriors with emotions so strong that they’re able to manifest them into powerful weapons. Jin’s particular emotional power is Integrity, which bestows upon him unique attributes such as the highest base hit points and area of effect damage among all other characters, as well as his own set of specialized attacks.

Besides the new playable class, the game also introduced a new raid titled The Golden Citadel which is composed of 5 thematic rooms. Players can access to the new raid by first completing all previous casual raids and then speaking to IO in Ruin Fortress.

Soulworker has been a big hit for Gameforge so far, averaging over 3,700 or so players online at once, which is significantly more than similar titles (Closers and Kritika come to mind).